Eine kleine nachtmusik

Oh, the magic of Spring. New life, soft blooms, gentle breezes, the hum of bees and the songs of birds. It's just so slendiferous.  

Except when it's NOT.  

Ya'll. I'm writing this at 11:30 at night, gaily accompanied by the most extroverted robin on the planet.  

Now, I could spin this into some super inspirational post about singing even in the darkest of night, but, BUT this creature is affecting my sleep. And has been for days now. Not that I have a nursing baby who needs me ALL OF THE NIGHT or anything. 

Now, I'm so glad this little creature has the joy of the Lord in his tiny little heart, but I don't care if Gabriel himself has alighted in our trees outside and this bird is heralding heavenly presence. I AM OVER IT.  

Sounds like Mariah Carey swallowed a whistle and is doing a self-inflicted heimlich maneuver.  

And the baby is sleeping. For a few blessed hours, THE BABY IS SLEEPING which means I SHOULD BE SLEEPING. 

But no, this bird is either doing the mating call of the century or auditioning for The Voice RIGHT outside my window. ALL NIGHT.  

My love got a pretty awesome light-up bow and arrow toy thingy last year, and I'm about to go all Katniss Everdeen on it. 

Just to scare it. To death.  

I mean, I know Spring has other vices, but right now I would snort a line of pollen straight into my sinus cavity if it meant shutting this thing UP. 

Think I'm exaggerating? Listen.