I'm Lindsey.  And you are? 

Nice to meet you.  I'm so glad you've dropped by to my little corner of the internet.  I hope you know how so very loved you are.

Now, a little about me.  Wanna know a little secret?

I'm a walking contradiction.  Seriously.

I'm a classically trained opera singer who really doesn't like opera all that much.  I mean, I love to sing, but prefer art songs, spirituals, and folk songs.

I'm a wanna-be-hippie that has a love affair with peanut butter m&m's and chips.  I'd love to go live in an off-the-grid commune, as long as I can take modern medicine, Amazon, and cookie butter with me.  Something tells me this would not go well.

I consider myself an artist even though I can't paint or draw to save my life.  That's ok.  I consider art to be a very broad term, not limited to what you can create on a canvas.  I hope to expound upon that a lot here.  I craft, sew, decorate, bake, and am constantly creating.  I have an artist's soul, even if I don't have an artist's hand.

I think of myself as a 22 year old world adventurer, when in REAL life, I'm a 31 year old stay at home mother of 4 precious, hilarious children.  You know the saying that parenthood is the biggest adventure?  It's cliché and kind of misleading.  But also, strangely true.  That said, I really want to go on actual physical adventures once we've gotten some big life skills down.  Like sleeping.  And using a potty.  And eating what's put in front of you.  Minor things.

I love hot drinks and the bulk of my wardrobe is some sort of sweater/kimono/shawl.  I live in the Deep South, but this doesn't stop me from enjoying these things 365 days of the year, even though we have about 5 days of Fall and 3 days of Winter here.

I'm a believer of The Gospel and in love with the God who crafted it.  I forget my true identity all the time and need to be reminded often.  I claim the grace of Jesus, but I neglect to extend it to myself and others.  This is the biggest contradiction of all, but I'm content to be a work-in-progress.  After all, I love the art of creating something beautiful out of something broken, and I'm trusting that the Creator is doing the same thing with me.

So here I am.  I hope you'll take me as I am and join me in this little adventure.  I'd be glad to have you along.